Delights & Seasoning | Truffle Products

Delights & Seasoning | Truffle Products

Truffles offer a wide range of gastronomic possibilities. To speak of truffling food, in particular, is to refer to the action that allows the aromas and flavours of the truffle to be transferred to a specific food. You have probably heard of the existence of truffled condiments such as oils, vinegars and even liqueurs. As well as foods such as eggs and butter, which are easily infused with its delicious aroma.

The truffle is an excellent and unique natural product that can be used optimally in our recipes, allowing us to truffle practically any food. It allows you to flavour your dishes, being used as a condiment and not as food. With just a little time in the company of truffles, your other foods can make the most of their flavour, acquiring some of their properties in a natural and healthy way.

Although almost any food can be truffled, it is advisable to truffle those that are porous or fatty, such as eggs and butter. Porous foods allow the aroma of the truffle to pass through more easily. In the case of eggs, if you store them together with a truffle in an airtight container, the shell will allow the smell and flavour of the truffle to reach the inside without any problem. The truffling process sounds easy enough, doesn't it? However, you should know that in some cases, such as cheeses, it is necessary to make the mixture during the curing process. Therefore, it is not so simple to do the process at home.

Truffle condiments in your cooking

We use condiments in our dishes on a daily basis. Defining which ones are "the best'' is very subjective as it all depends on the taste of each person. Preferences may vary according to nationality and culture. Nevertheless, we could talk about the ones that are most commonly used in different recipes: pepper, oregano, parsley, etc. Even the oil we use has been subjected to processes with the aim of assigning it the aroma and flavour properties of some of these condiments.

Although truffles are not as common an ingredient in home cooking as those already mentioned, they are considered a delicacy of great personality that provides a characteristic flavour to each preparation. Those who know its properties use it to enrich and flavour different dishes such as risottos, eggs and pasta. Truffles are generally used grated or sliced, however, it is possible to truffle certain foods and obtain a great variety of condiments such as: black truffle oil, white truffle oil, truffle sauce, truffle cream and even truffle carpaccio. There is a great variety of these types of products on the market.

In the case of truffle oil, if you want to prepare it yourself, we recommend using sunflower or other seed oils. If you want to use olive oil, look for one that does not have a very intense flavour. And remember that once it is ready, it should be consumed raw.

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